We’re back to our regular schedule after last month’s Hacktoberfest fun. Join us for talks on managing your projects with workflowr and a brief introduction to the visualisation tool, DiagrammeR.

Managing projects with workflowr

In this session I’ll do a walk through of using package workflowr (https://jdblischak.github.io/workflowr/) to organise and document projects including some best practice tips and tricks.

Anna Krystalli has a background in marine macroecology. Now she works as a Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield, helping researchers do more with their code and data.

Introduction to DiagrammeR

In this session I’ll give a brief introduction to DiagrammeR (http://rich-iannone.github.io/DiagrammeR/), a package for creating and visualising network graphs and diagrams, with built-in support for a range of formats. I’ll demonstrate how to create a data-driven network diagram using data on trade in endangered species.

Tamora James is a PhD researcher in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield. Her work involves modelling populations of vulnerable bird species to determine effective conservation interventions.

Sheffield R Users Group needs you!

We rely on members of the Sheffield R community to speak at our meetups and try to offer a mix of “beginners” and “expert” level talks. If you’d like to share a 15 minute informal slide-talk on a topic of your choosing (broadly ‘something cool I’ve done related to R that others would benefit from hearing about’) then we’d love to hear from you!

Let us know by filling in our speaker sign up form (https://goo.gl/forms/6EQaWs7PsxdOP04l2).