September Sheffield R Meetup: Alison Parton and Jeremy Oakley


August 17, 2016

After the summer break, Sheffield R group is back with a couple of great talks to kick off the new season.

Our beginner’s talk this month, presented by Alison Parton, is:

Can you trust the humble statistician? An intro to unit testing in R

You’ve slaved away converting the awesome methods you’ve concocted into R code. It runs without any nasty red errors so you’ve not missed an end bracket, but are they all really in the right place? I’ll be telling beginners what I’ve learnt after dipping my toes into the world of unit testing in R, and (hopefully) getting the veterans to assist in my quest for reliable code.

SHELF: an R package for expert elicitation

For our expert talk we welcome Professor Jeremy Oakley who will introduce SHELF, an R package containing tools to support the Sheffield Elicitation Framework (SHELF). This is a toolkit for eliciting probability distributions from experts, translating an expert’s judgements about the characteristics of a distribution for a parameter of interest into a range of parametric distributions and providing visual and summary feedback. SHELF also provides methods for interactive plotting and elicitation, weighting for multiple expert elicitation and a graphical interface for the roulette elicitation method.

Hope to see you there!