Here you will find links to slides from previous meetings

Speaker Date Slides
Neil Shephard 2023-10-26 Quarto for RevealJS Slides
Rob Smith 2020-02-04 R for Decision Science
Théo Michelot 2017-05-02 Using C++ to speed up R code
Pieter Wessels 2017-04-04 “Wisdom of the crowd” : Ensembles in Machine Learning and the factors that influence them
James Waterhouse and Darell Taylor 2016-11-16 Data Juggling at SkyBet
Lukas Drapal 2016-10-21 Complete (and win) on Kaggle
Matt Hall 2016-09-17 R with Jupyter Notebooks for Interactive and Collaborative Research
Alison Parton 2016-08-17 Can you trust the humble statistician? An intro to unit testing in R
Jeremy Oakley 2016-08-17 SHELF: an R package for expert elicitation