Stan and the Tidyverse


February 6, 2018

Welcome back to the Sheffield R Meetup! We’re kicking off 2018 with two great talks:

Shaun Coutts will be giving a demonstration of using Stan via the rstan interface and launching jobs on iceberg and sharc.

Katjuša Koler will be talking about doing things differently using the Tidyverse:

In this session, I will give an example of a workflow in base R and compare it to a tidyverse approach. Tidyverse is a system of packages (dplyr, ggplot2 etc.) used to manipulate, explore and visualize data. I will discuss the pros and cons of each workflow. This talk will be useful for beginners, as well as anyone considering making a bridge from base R to tidyverse.

So two talks, one with Bayes R and one with Base R! We look forward to seeing you there.