SheffieldR Reboot : Quarto for slides


October 26, 2023

After a long hiatus SheffieldR User Group is back and we’ll be starting things off by looking at the new document preparation system Quarto and how to use it with GitHub to publish presentations as websites. There is however still scope for a second talk so if you’d like to make a short presentation on how you have used R in your research please get in touch.

Meeting is 2023-10-26 17:30-19:00 in LT02 (60), Arts Tower, Western Bank, Sheffield. Sign up here.

Introduction to Plotly

Unlock the power of interactive and engaging data visualizations with Plotly in R! In this workshop, you’ll dive into the world of Plotly, a leading data visualization library, and learn how to create stunning, interactive charts and graphs for your data analysis projects.

Grace Accad, Data Scientist in the Data Visualisation Team at The University of Sheffield, will showcase the use of Plotly to enhance your graphics.

Quarto for RevealJS Slides

The evolution of literate programming continues with Quarto which builds on the widely popular RMarkdown. Powered by Pandoc under the hood it continues to provide many popular document structures such as books, journal articles, Beamer articles and websites, but extends these further introducing new document structures such as blogs and RevealJS slide presentations. Further support is now available for more programming languages beyond R including Python, Julia and the JavaScript data analysis language Observable.

Neil Shephard is a Research Software Engineer within the Department of Computer Science, will guide you through how to use a GitHub Template for Quarto RevealJS slides to create and publish them to GitHub Pages.

You can view the slides that were presented here and if you wanted to try making slides yourself you can use the Quarto RevealJS Template that was demoed. The talk/slides cover the material that is on the front If you find any mistakes please do report an issue.

Speaker Biography

Neil is a Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield. His career has been varied with time as a Genetic Epidemiologist, Medical Statistician working on Clinical Trials and time in industry working as a Data Scientist in a startup tech company. He combines his knowledge and experience to help researchers at the University of Sheffield improve the quality and openness of their code and data.