SheffieldR : Bring your Data and Code


March 21, 2024

This March meetup see’s a slight deviation from the normal format of the SheffieldR meetups as we are inviting you to bring your data, code, R knowledge and enthusiasm along to help each other out in a “Hackathon” style meeting.

This illustration is created by Scriberia with The Turing Way community. Used under a CC-BY 4.0 licence. DOI:

Meeting is 2024-03-21 17:30-19:00 in the Portobello Centre, Seminar Room C02 B (just off Mappin Street). Sign up is via Meetup. Unfortunately we won’t be running remote attendance this time because of the nature of the meeting.

If you have any questions or enquiries please email us

Maybe you’ve a problem using renv to manage your packages or you’re stuck with a particular data wrangling problem or haven’t worked out the perfect layout of your graph then bring your data and code along and see if there is someone who can help you solve your problem. Whether that is using the Tidyverse, data.table, ggplot2 or base graphics.

Obviously we’ll need people with experience to come and help others solve their problems, but even if you’re just starting out on your R journey you will know something to contribute.

If you’d like to come along we’ve setup a short form for you to indicate what areas you are looking for assistance with or can help others with.


Its possible that the section of code you are having trouble with is part of a larger workflow. To make it easier for people to understand the problem and offer assistance it would be beneficial if you are able to abstract out the problem to what is know as a Minimal “Reproducible Example” often shortened to the portmanteau “reprex”. There is advice on How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example on Stack Overflow and there is also the R package {reprex} which helps “prepare reproducible example code via the clipboard”.

Data Security and Sensitivity

If your problem involves sensitive data then please be mindful of this. See the University of Sheffield Information Security Training pages, in particular the training on Protecting Research Data, Protecting Personal Data and Protecting Information. If you are not a student or member of staff at The University of Sheffield please refer to your institution or employers guidelines on data security.