• rrtools: Tools for Writing Reproducible Research in R

    NOTE: Because of the Easter holidays April’s meetup will be on the 2nd Tue of the month.

    This month we’ll be exploring rrtools, an implementation of R package structure, development tools and practices to a research workflow context.

  • Docker and Interactive unit testing

    In this month’s meetup, Mark Dunning will give a general introduction to the Docker container platform and Phil Mike Jones will introduce strategies for interactive unit testing.

  • Stan and the Tidyverse

    Welcome back to the Sheffield R Meetup! We’re kicking off 2018 with two great talks:

  • R coding social

    In the run up to the festive season we’d like to invite Sheffield R users to come and join us for an R coding social! Come along for a chance to meet and greet fellow R users in Sheffield. If you have a coding problem to discuss, feel free to bring it along and take advantage of the wealth of R coding knowledge available!

  • Managing projects with workflowr and Introduction to DiagrammeR

    We’re back to our regular schedule after last month’s Hacktoberfest fun. Join us for talks on managing your projects with workflowr and a brief introduction to the visualisation tool, DiagrammeR.

  • Celebrating Hacktoberfest... #rstats style!

    We’ll be following up our introductory Celebrating Hacktoberfest session with drop-in sessions throughout October, so do join us if you’d like to get involved or learn more about open source!

    Schedule for the rest of the month:

    • Tu Oct 10 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm University of Sheffield, Diamond Meeting room 1

    • Tu Oct 17 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm University of Sheffield, Information Commons Collaboratory 1 ‐ 1.26

    • Tu Oct 24 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm University of Sheffield, Diamond Meeting room 1

    • Tu Oct 31 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm University of Sheffield, Diamond Meeting room 1 - Halloween Hacktoberfest!

    Hacktoberfest banner

  • September Sheffield R Meetup: Object oriented systems in R + The Reproducible Thesis w/ Bookdown

    Welcome back to a new season of R user group meetups!

  • July Sheffield R Meetup: Thermal images and Object oriented systems in R

    We’ve got two great talks lined up for our last meeting before the summer break.

  • June Sheffield R Meetup: Literate programming and Writing a decision tree package for R

    This month Anna Krystalli will present a exploration of literate programming, following up from a discussion on literate programming techniques at our meetup in April, and Pete Dodd will tell us about building an open source decision tree package in R.

  • May Sheffield R Meetup: Making R Faster

    This month we’ll be learning from Théo Michelot how to make R go faster using a couple of techniques.

  • April Sheffield R Meetup: Using R Notebooks and Ensembles in Machine Learning

    This month’s talks cover ensembles in machine learning and using R notebooks as a learning tool.

  • March Sheffield R Meetup: Code surgery and social

    In March we held our first R coding surgery and social, a chance for our members to meet, greet, learn from and collaborate with fellow R users.

  • February Sheffield R Meetup: Martin Garlovsky and Christopher Hopkinson

    In this month’s meeting we’ll explore survival analysis, a means of analysing data in which the outcome is the time to the occurrence of an event of interest. We’ll also be finding out about one of the more esoteric features of the R language, namely non-standard evaluation.

  • December Sheffield R Meetup: Dan Olner, James Waterhouse & Darrell Taylor

    This month we’ll be learning about R’s capabilities for wrangling and handling spatial data and how Sky Betting and Gaming does data science.

  • November Sheffield R Meetup: Shaun Coutts and Lukas Drapal

    At this month’s meeting we’ll be talking about modelling, inference, and prediction.

  • October Sheffield R Meetup: Mathew Hall and Mike Croucher

    At this month’s meeting we’ll be talking about how R interacts with different languages and technologies.

  • September Sheffield R Meetup: Alison Parton and Jeremy Oakley

    After the summer break, Sheffield R group is back with a couple of great talks to kick off the new season.

  • NBN Hack Results

    In March we ran a series of hack events centred around the National Biodiversity Network’s data gateway. We teamed up with Sheffield Wildlife Trust to investigate the data and see what we might be able to learn. Thanks to Tom August’s rnbn package, it was a cinch to get the data which is kindly contributed by volunteers and organisations across the country.

    Our hack was organised around several projects selected after a pitch session. Attendees chose a team based on the project and collaborated using a shared HackPad and pushed their code to a central GitHub repository.

  • National Biodiversity Hack Event

    We’re running a hackathon event over three sessions in March. The hack will focus on the National Biodiversity Network’s data to collaboratively develop outputs that benefit the public, Council or local wildlife organisations.

  • January Sheffield R Meetup: Happy New-ish YeaR!

    This month we will be talking in more detail about our upcoming NBN Biodiversity Hack event, which will be held over the first 3 weeks of March. Paul and Anna will share some of our experiences from the Open Data Sheffield #hackthemarine event held earlier this month, and we will bounce around any ideas the group may have for exciting analyses and visualisations using the biodiversity data.

  • November Sheffield R Meetup: Matt Aldridge

    This month we are delighted to welcome a guest speaker Matt Aldridge from Mango Solutions - a company which specialises in data analysis/science, training and consultancy using R. You may know them as they organise the Effective Applications of the R Language (EARL) conferences in the UK and US. Matt’s talk will be titled “The Changing Face of R” and will be accessible to all regardless of experience or background - it will certainly be interesting in how R is being used to shape data analysis away from the academic ivory tower!

  • October Sheffield R Meetup: Git, GitHub, and Shiny apps

    This month we will be taking a look at integrating git and github use with R. Git is a great tool to help you manage your code using version control - helping avoid that annoying situation where you have 8 different pieces of code and can’t remember which one you should be using! Github then allows you to share your code and documentation, which can be a great way to disseminate your work and help others to reproduce it (as per the philosophy of open science). We also plan on using it in the upcoming Biodiversity hack event! Feel free to bring your laptops along if you want to dabble as we go!

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